District Representatives

ACT has representatives in ten districts in Tanzania, below is the short profile of each representative and contact details;

Mohamed Majogo,

Mohamed Majogo


A Senior retired Agriculture field officer, completed diploma in crop production at Uyole Agriculture center in 1992 employed by ministry of Agriculture and posted at Masasi district in 1983,then transferred to Mtwara district council and then Tandahimba. Short Courses attended Seed inspection at SUA, Cashew production Naliendele research Institute Participatory rural appraisal(PRA) Training Course in […]

John Lutangilo Wihallah,

John Lutangilo Wihallah


John Lutangilo Wihallah working as executive Director and among of co-founder of the nonprofitable farmer’s based organization ( Njombe Agricultural Development Organization (NADO)). It aims to improve the livelihood of the community through agriculture and environmental conservation by popular participation approach. My effort is to make sure that the sustainability of NADO is existing through […]

Elizabeth Keino Muge,

Elizabeth Keino Muge


Elizabeth Keino Muge an Agriculture extension officer, the owner of mama Lisa cosmetics but now Working with Agricultural Council Of Tanzania (ACT) as District representative in Bunda district which is located in Mara Region, also working with Mwanza Rural Housing Program (MRHP) as Agriculture program officer, one of ma work there is to supervise farmers […]

Raphael Loishiro Laizer,

Raphael Loishiro Laizer


Raphael Loishiro LAIZER is a Principal Agricultural Officer and an Agricultural Consultant specialized in Rural Development. He has 27 years of experience working as Agricultural Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture and over 10 years as Coordinator of various agricultural projects in Tanzania. In 1982 to 1990, he worked with rice research program as head […]

Charles Jasson Kamando,

Charles Jasson Kamando

Bukoba -Rural

Charles Jasson Kamando is an agriculture specialist in vanilla cultivation.  He joined the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives as an Extension Worker and later went for further studies in Agriculture. He continued working in the Irrigation department and training as an Agriculture tutor.  He joined MAYAWA organization and became an Extension manager from 1997. He […]

Victor El-Nshau,

Victor El-Nshau


Victor El-Nshau is a Agricultural development practitioner and NGO Chief Executive Officer for the past 20 years. Between 1991 – March 1996 he joined Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Northen Diocese in the capacity of a Farm Manager at Karatu Lutheran Estate. Between March 1996 – Nov. 2005 he joined Laela Agricultural Centre (LAC) in […]

Dr. Hamimu Saidi Hongo,

Dr. Hamimu Saidi Hongo


Dr Hamimu Saidi Hongo was born in Morogoro district in Morogoro region in January 1955. He is married with 9 children (6 boys and 3 girls). He started schooling in 1963 and finished his A-level studies in Mazengo High school in 1975. He went through a one year National service at Mafinga in 1976 and […]