Jacqueline Mkindi

Jacqueline Mkindi, the holder of Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and First Class Honors Bsc. In Forestry and Nature conservation is a Development Manager specialized in Business and Trade. She has provided strong leadership in shaping and transforming the multi million dollars horticultural industry in Tanzania and has been very instrumental in creating and facilitating strategic partnerships with the Government of Tanzania, the Private Sector and Development Partners for the industry inclusive growth and development. Her involvement in various business and trade facilitation processes at the national, regional and international levels has significantly contributed towards the speedy growth of the industry, TAHA and its subsidiaries.

By being on the advisory board of regional and international platforms, Jacqueline also supports the work of such instruments like Innovative Agriculture Research Institution (iAGRI), German Marshall Fund of the United States Center of Excellence for Transformational Partnerships, a regional Trade and Policy Training Centre (TRAPCA), an advisor for the Community for Zero Hunger, not to forget national technical platforms advising the GoT on key issues around agriculture transformation in the country. Jacqueline serves on the Advocacy and Policy technical committee of the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) Board, as well as a Board member of the Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT). She is also sitting on the USAID Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) Advisory Board as well as the Agriculture Markets Development Trusts (AMDT) Investment Committee a Multi Donor (Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, and Switzerland) Programe that aims at addressing the problems experienced in past agriculture market development interventions.