Salum Shamte

Salum Shamte is a farmer. He has been involved in agri-business for over 40 years and is currently the Managing Director of Katani Limited, a sisal growing and processing company in Tanzania. The company produces sisal fibre through a smallholder outgrower scheme, and sisal cordage and woven products for the Tanzanian and export markets. It also produces biogas, electricity and organic fertilizer from sisal biomass residue and breeds heifers. He also grows mangoes, rice, chicken and fish.

Salum Shamte has been Chairman of the Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) – the private sector apex agricultural body from 2006 to 2013. In that period, ACT was actively involved in the preparation of the KILIMO KWANZA [Agriculture First] policy resolve which has put agricultural transformation at the top of Tanzania’s economic agenda. ACT also runs the Tanzania Agricultural Partnership which brings together private and public sector players to intervene in the agricultural value chains. It has been instrumental in developing the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania [SAGCOT] which he also chairs.

Salum Shamte is a member of the Tanzania National Business Council, the Forum chaired by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania bringing the private and the public sectors in Tanzania to address economic issues. He is The Vice Chairman of The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation and sits in various other public and private sector Boards of Directors locally and internationally.

Salum Shamte, 64 years old, has a Bachelors degree in Commerce and a Masters in Business Management. He has received various other training in agribusiness, marketing, corporate governance and management of change. He is married with four sons and five daughters.