Dr. Hamimu Saidi Hongo

Dr Hamimu Saidi Hongo was born in Morogoro district in Morogoro region in January 1955. He is married with 9 children (6 boys and 3 girls).
He started schooling in 1963 and finished his A-level studies in Mazengo High school in 1975. He went through a one year National service at Mafinga in 1976 and he holds Diploma in Crop Husbandry from Ukiriguru Mwanza, and First Degree (B.Sc. Agriculture) from University of Dar es Salaam Faculty of Agriculture (now SUA) in 1983. In 1986 he got his M.Sc. (Agricultural Meteorology) from the University of Reading in the UK and his PhD in 1995 in same University in the UK. He also attended various short courses in Italy, Zimbabwe and University of London in the UK. He has written and presented several scientific papers and he is a coauthor of one book written in German concerning alternative energy.
He worked as an Extension officer, and teaching at Ukiriguru, then at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Reading University in the UK and at Stellenbosch in South Africa. He also worked in Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of Tanzania, President’s Office, Vice President’s Office, Wetland International in Senegal and Mali, and also worked with SADC in Gaborone Botswana. He is currently a Managing Director of FELISA Company Limited based in Kigoma, Tanzania.
He has been to 34 African countries (both official and private visits) and in 10 European Countries plus United States of America (Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles and Minnesota), India, Saudi Arabia, UEA (Dubai), Bahrain, Oman, Quarter, China and Russia.
He can speak English, Swahili and a bit of French and Italian. Plus his local mother tongue (Kingindo).
He likes watching and playing football and music. Things which he hates most are laziness in work place and gossiping (majungu).