Elizabeth Keino Muge

Elizabeth Keino Muge an Agriculture extension officer, the owner of mama Lisa cosmetics but now Working with Agricultural Council Of Tanzania (ACT) as District representative in Bunda district which is located in Mara Region, also working with Mwanza Rural Housing Program (MRHP) as Agriculture program officer, one of ma work there is to supervise farmers groups and people lives with HIV groups. Also I was Field officer of Canadian physian For Aid and Relief in Bunda which one of their activity is to increase use of Sustainable Agriculture, also i worked with KIBO SEED COMPANY MWANZA, worked also with African Inland Church of Tanzania – At Diocese of Shinyanga. Practical studies: plant inspector at kurasini port Under Ministry of Agriculture. Village Extensionist at Swedish Cooperative Centre mwanza [ Vi – Agro forestry Project] At Ukerewe District. Introduction To Basic Agro forestry Training at Mogabiri Farm centre.