Raphael Loishiro Laizer

Raphael Loishiro LAIZER is a Principal Agricultural Officer and an Agricultural Consultant specialized in Rural Development. He has 27 years of experience working as Agricultural Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture and over 10 years as Coordinator of various agricultural projects in Tanzania. In 1982 to 1990, he worked with rice research program as head of plant protection section at Dakawa Research Center thereafter joined the Regional Agricultural and Livestock Development Office to coordinate FAO/Kilimo Special Program for Food Security up 2002. He was transferred to Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in 2003 to strengthen Agricultural Inputs Section in Crop Development Division at the Ministry of Agriculture until 2005 when he joined FAO of United Nations in 2006 as a National Project Coordinator for the Joint United Nations Human Security Project in Northwestern Tanzania. After completion of the project in 2009 he was transferred the FAO HQ in Dar es Salaam to coordinate the Regional Cassava Initiative in East and Central Africa up 2013 when he terminated the contract with FAO and returned to the Ministry of Agriculture for preparation of retirement in 2015. He holds a Bsc. and Msc. Agricultural Education and Extension from the Sokoine University of Agriculture and a Diploma in Agriculture from Uyole Agriculture Training Institute and various Certificates related to agriculture and rural development from different institutions in Tanzania and overseas.

He is married with four children currently based in Morogoro, Tanzania as CDI Wagengen University Seed Consultant ACT Representative for Morogoro.