Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT)

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Women and Youth Inclusivity

ACT has been training value chain actors on the importance of gender mainstreaming, which has resulted in dramatic changes in the women and youth composition in farmer organizational leadership; inhibited the active engagement of women and youth in decision-making in society; and has increased ownership of agribusinesses and assets along the agriculture value chains. The ACT facilitates women and youth access to land for investing in agriculture; agricultural inputs and machinery; postharvest handling facilities and market infrastructures; financial resources for investing in agriculture; market access for their agricultural produce; and entrepreneurial skills for exploring new agribusiness opportunities.

ACT continues to explore more opportunities through value chain analysis to identify investment opportunities where youths are likely to invest. This is followed by developing service packages that are suitable for youths and women involved in agriculture. Youth and women can take advantage of access to agricultural inputs, business opportunities, and simplified farm machine technologies. In addition, they receive training in entrepreneurship that links them to financial and market opportunities. ACT takes a deliberate effort to ensure that at least 50% of the beneficiaries of its project activities are women and at least 40% are youth.