What we do

ACT lobbies and advocates on behalf of its members to improve the agribusiness business environment. The organization conducts evidence-based research and advocacy that stimulates dialogue with the Government including Ministries and parliamentary committees through established platforms. ACT plays an active role in Parliamentary Committees’ awareness and understanding of the Agricultural sector operations, dynamics, and needs. Also, ACT participate in the Task Force Committee for the annual tax reforms under the Ministry of Finance where issues related to levy, tax, and fees are taken upfront for further advocacy.

The organization signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG) and Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) that allows to constantly dialogue and plan together in all matters related to fiscal reforms and reviewing the impact of revised policies, regulations and by-laws for enhancing the growth of the Agricultural Sector. ACT has set up a proper functioning and stimulating PPD framework at all levels, that allows direct and regular contacts with decision-makers and key Government officials, the framework brings together public and private sector players to dialogue on issues that distort competitiveness in trade and agribusiness. ACT represent its stakeholders in Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) it sits in Secretariat and also in Agricultural Working Group. TNBC is a higher level Decision making Forum Chaired by H.E President of Tanzania

ACT is a multi-tasked organization and its activities are based on the following strategic  activities:-

Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT)

We Unite . We Dialogue . We Advocate

Lobbying and Advocacy

To strengthen ACTs evidence-based lobbying and advocacy work on key policy issues that have impact on the agriculture sector.

Capacity Building – Products and Services

To develop organizational, technical and management capacity programs, products and services for ACT members .

Membership Engagement

To increase members awareness of ACTs programmes, capacity building expertise, and available resources to enable it to retain 85%

ACT Sustainability

To diversify financial resources enabling Agricultural Council Of Tanzania - ACT to attain 20 percent budgetary sustainability by 2024.