Strategic Objectives

ACT activities are guided by its five years Strategic Plan that provides the direction, content and framework for its operations. The current Strategic Plan (2019-2024) is inclusive, proactive and focuses on the following strategic goals

To advocate for and support an improved agri-business environment

ACT will continue to advocate and lobby the Government of Tanzania to put in place the supportive policies that will improve productivity, commercialization, and competitiveness of theagricultural sector.

To strengthen the technical and managerial competencies of ACT members to improve service delivery to their members

ACT is committed to enhancing the capacity of its members to be more effective organizations so that they can conveniently deliver tangible services to their members. This is to be accomplished through conducting annual membership surveys to identify key issues affecting their members, and hence develop strategies to address them. ACT also focuses on continuously increasing the membership base by providing appropriate services that will address challenges facing their businesses, which ultimately leverages the motive to join the ACT membership, thus broadening the membership base. The expansion of the membership base will allow the organization to achieve greater financial sustainability as well as broaden the ability to achieve the mission and vision

Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT)

We Unite . We Dialogue . We Advocate

To provide and receive relevant information from and to ACT Members and other stakeholders for the development of the agricultural sector in Tanzania

ACT is a center for information and communication for its members and the public in general. As part of its mandate, ACT communicates the outcomes of all activities undertaken by the organization, including results of the advocacy work for various issues raised by members and other stakeholders.

To support and strengthen the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) at national and district levels

ACT has been an active promoter of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) – a new model of development cooperation – for the Tanzanian agricultural sector since 2006. ACT is one of the founding partners of the Tanzania Agricultural Partnership (TAP) together with the Ministry of Agriculture, Yara, Norfund, Norad, Rockefeller Foundation, to mention just a few. Due to its unique position as a neutral broker of this pioneering partnership, ACT was mandated by other partners to be the “focal point” of TAP which uses the value chain approach to address critical constraints along selected value chains. Since the inception of TAP to date, ACT has been coordinating and facilitating partners to do their work better, at the same time enabling them to create a combined effect that is far greater than the summed-up efforts of individual partners. With considerable experience and skills gained over the years in running TAP, the ACT is duty-bound to assist the private sector, stakeholder associations, community organizations, and other stakeholders to forge sustainable partnerships with government agencies for long-term agricultural development.

To coordinate the Public and private sector initiatives towards the development of agribusiness in Tanzania

Tanzania is now implementing the Agricultural Sector Development Programme Phase II and the BluePrint which aims at improving the business environment in Tanzania. The private sector needs to be well-coordinated to effectively participate in the implementation of ASDP II and BluePrint. Apart from coordinating the implementation of ASDP II and Government regulatory Blue Print from a private sector perspective, ACT should continue to be proactive in pushing forward different agricultural policy agendas in collaboration with other institutions for the development of the agricultural sector in Tanzania.