On 2nd December 2022, the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) with its partners organized the National Private Sector Day at the Superdome Arena, Masaki - Dar es Salaam to discuss the achievements and challenges in the country’s business environment. This year’s theme for the high-profile event was “Enhancing Private Sector Competitiveness”. The event was officiated by Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Philipp I. Mpango. In his remarks, Vice President Mpango raised concern over the slow pace of implementation of the blueprint for regulatory reforms to further improve the business environment.

The Blueprint for Regulatory Reforms was released by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment in April 2018. Dr. Mpango said that the execution of the Blueprint, which started in July 2019, had only reached 13% of its implementation. He instructed Dr. Kijaji to ensure at least 50% implementation by the end of next year and take measures against institutions that impede implementation. He also stressed that the involvement of the private sector in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) was not encouraging and directed the Ministry of Finance and Planning to zoom into the issues that are hindering the private sector’s participation. The TPSD event was nourished with awards conferred on private sector entities in the categories of Private Sector Environmental Sustainability, Private Sector Outstanding CSR Award and Award for Startup with Outstanding Innovation. ACT won the top prize in the influence of budget increases category (agriculture).